Award of the Dragon’s Treasure – October 2012

Award of the Dragon's Treasure - October 2012Award of the Dragon’s Treasure for Eynon ap James. Reeves Gouache and ink on Strathmore 400 Series natural parchment and calligraphy in Higgins black drawing ink using a 1.5mm Brouse nib.

The text reads:

One and all shall know that We, Dag, crowned King of the Middle Kingdom, and Annmarie, Our Queen of love and beauty do send greetings. As We know that the treasure of a kingdom lies in its future leaders, so do We well know that such a treasure is before Us in the person of Eynon ap James.

In recognition of his service to the Middle Kingdom, especially to Our barony of the Cleftlands through the tending of the fighters in every war point battle of the forty-first Pennsic War, it is fitting that We honor him by naming Eynon ap James a Dragon’s Treasure. As he has adorned the Crown of the Midrealm until now, so shall he continue to do so in Our hearts.

Done this 6th day of October, A.S. 47 while sitting upon Our thrones at Red Dragon in Our Marche of Tirnewydd, in testimony whereof We have set Our hand and seal.

Illumination based on Summa vitiorum, Harley MS 3244, available at the British Library Catalogue of Illuminated Manuscripts.

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