Award of the Purple Fret – April 2016

Award of the Purple Fret for Meinhard Hammerschmidt. Windsor-Newton gouache on pergamenata; calligraphy done in Higgins waterproof red ink and Dr. Martin’s black India ink using a Brouse nib.

The text reads:

We, Nikolai, by right of arms dread Tsar of the Middle Kingdom and Serena, she of love, beauty, and Our Tsarina forevermore do send greetings. All know that Our subjects are the life blood of the Midrealm, and We are most pleased with those who serve the Crown, the Kingdom, and its populace with their works and deeds. On the day of Our Coronation Meinhard Hammerschmidt acted nobly and selflessly, going above and beyond to save the day for many members of the populace. Of his own accord, Meinhard did arrange for the use of a large wagon within which he spent the day transporting gentles the great distance between their conveyences and the event site. For this great service on the first day of Our reign We publicly commend him and are pleased to bestow upon him the Award of the Purple Fret. Thusly do we grant him the right to bear the badge: Or, a fret purpure. Given by Our hands this 30th day of April, Anno Societatis 50 in Our incipient Canton of Pferdestadt.

Illumination based off the 14th C MS Rh. 15, fol 544, Graphisdre Sammling der Zentralbibliotek, Zurich. The Flowering of the Middle Ages – page 256

Rudolf von Ems, Weltchronik 14th century Manuscript (MS Rh. 15) Zentralbibliothek, Zurich

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