Award of the Purple Fretty – February 2016

Award of the Purple Fretty

Award of the Purple Fretty for the Northern Oaken Recorder Ensemble. Dr. Martin’s inks and Windsor-Newton gouache on pergamenata.

The text reads:

Be it known that We, Nikolai, Tsar by right of arms of the Middle Kingdom and Serena, our Tsarina of love and beauty, have heard and reveled in the exemplary service that the North Oaken Recorder Ensemble hath rendered unto the Midrealm. They have travelled miles to be present to play for Coronations and elevations, and have practiced long hours to learn specifically-requested music for the Crown and other nobles of the Realm. We do here publicly commend them and are pleased to bestow upon them the Award of the Purple Fretty.

We grant unto them all rights and responsibilities attendant upon this award and the right to bear the badge: Or, fretty purpure, without let or hindrance from any person. Given by Our hands this 27th day of February, Anno Societatis 50, in our Barony of the Cleftlands.

Inspired by the “eye music” image of the 15th-century rondeau “Belle, Bonne, Sage” written by Baude Cordier. The image can be seen in the Chantilly Codex, page 12r.


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