Award of the Sapphire – November 2013

Giannas Sapphire
Award of the Sapphire for Gianna Vettori. Windsor-Newton gouache on pergamenata; calligraphy in Speedball black India ink.

The text reads:

Commendations and greetings from Cellach, king by right of arms of the Middle Kingdom, and Vukasin, our Queen of love and beauty. Know that it is one of the great pleasures of the Crown to recognize those individuals who exhibit great courtesy, grace, and honour to people of all ranks, and who exemplify what it means to be the embodiment of the Dream. Therefore we are hereby minded to make unto Gianna Vettori an Award of the Sapphire. We bestow unto her all rights and responsibilities associated with the Sapphire and the right to wear the badge: Fieldless, a step-cut gemstone fesswise azure. Done by our hands this 2nd day of November, A.S. XLVIII, in our Barony of the Cleftlands.

Illumination based on several 15th-century Flemish books of hours.


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