It’s Terpsichore Time (A Val Dress Update)

I’ve been madly sewing on the gown in an attempt to have it ready by tomorrow. As of this moment, the only things left to do are to tack the bodice lining down, sew two rings on each shoulder strap for sleeve attachment capability, and make heaven knows how many eyelets in order to be able to close the back of the dress. Minor concern there.

Incidentally, I’m leaving in 2 hours and 45 minutes. Thankfully there’s a long car ride to Ann Arbor to keep me busy, and who needs to sleep tonight? This is, of course, after the casual dancing on site this evening. Oh, and I still have to pack.

I kept meaning to weigh the bodice before attaching it to the skirt, but I had so much angst during the pleating process that as soon as the the skirt was down to the correct width, I just went ahead and attached that sucker to say I got it done. I’ll not the gown weight later.

Wish me luck on not being naked tomorrow!

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