Order of the Evergreen – April 2012

Order of the Evergreen - Elizabethe AllesOrder of the Evergreen for Elizabethe Alles. Gouache on Strathmore 400 Series natural parchment and calligraphy in Dr. Martin’s Iridescent Bronze ink.

The text reads:

We Runa, Royal Patroness of the Arts, and Eikbrandr our King, do recognize the excellence and skillful teaching accomplished by Elizabethe Alles in the art of the paternoster. As we wish for all to know of the high regard in which we hold her, we are minded to create her a Companion of the Order of the Evergreen. We grant unto her all rights and responsibilities attendant upon this rank and the right to bear the badge: Fieldless, a pine tree per pale purpure and Or. Given this 14th day of April, AS 46 in our Barony of the Cleftlands.

Inspired by a 14th-century book of hours, the “hobby duck” is adapted from the The Macclesfield Psalter, Folio 55 r. The lady’s dress is a representation of the recipient’s wedding dress, and she wears a paternoster at her waist.

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