Order of the Pelican – January 2016

Order of the Pelican for Crespine de la Valée. Windsor-Newton gouache on pergamenata; calligraphy done in Dr. Martin’s black India ink using a Brouse nib.

The text reads:

All Gentles and Nobles know by these presents that we Nikolai, Tsar by right of arms of the Middle Kingdom, and Serena, our Tsarina, in consideration of the noble virtues and distinguished service, alike in courtesy and honor as in patience and toil, of our faithful and dedicated Crespine de la Vallée, do creep [NOT a typo] her a Companion of the Order of the Pelican, to be in all places numbered a Peer of our Realm, with all of the rights, privileges, insignia, precedence and responsibilities thereto appertaining. Sone by our hands this 9th day of January, Anno Societatis 50, in our Barony of Roaring Wastes.

The text on the right is the Order of the Pelican Oath of Fealty translated into French as provided on http://pelican.midrealm.org/:

Je jure ici fidélité et rends hommage
A la Couronne du Royaume du Milieu
Pour servir la Couronne en toutes choses
Rappeler la courtoisie et la bienveillance
Placer la justice au-dessus de la fortune personnelle
Peiner pour le bien commun
Enrichir le Royaume et la Société
Afin qu’ils puissent prospérer et grandir
Et être digne du titre de Pélican.
Ici sur mon Honneur, ma main
et mon coeur, moi, Crespine de la Valée, je jure.

Award scroll based on the the “Huth Hours,” a Flemish manuscript dated from the late 15th century. Available online at

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