Order of the Willow – January 2013

Order of the Willow

Order of the Willow for Oliver of Cleftlands. Reeves gouache and oak gall ink on Strathmore 400 Series natural parchment; calligraphy in Dr. Martin’s black India ink.

The text reads:

Rejoice in the words of the Crown and know that we, AnnMarie, Royal Patroness of the arts and Dag our King are mindful of the skills that Oliver of Cleftlands hath displayed in practicing the art of leatherwork, and also of the teaching of the same to all who would learn.

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Award of the Dragon’s Treasure – October 2012

Award of the Dragon's Treasure - October 2012Award of the Dragon’s Treasure for Eynon ap James. Reeves Gouache and ink on Strathmore 400 Series natural parchment and calligraphy in Higgins black drawing ink using a 1.5mm Brouse nib.

The text reads:

One and all shall know that We, Dag, crowned King of the Middle Kingdom, and Annmarie, Our Queen of love and beauty do send greetings.

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Punch list

(No, not a list of people/things to punch, but tasks to keep in mind)


  • The chemise appears to be quite simple, with no visible band at the wrist (open sleeve?) and perhaps only ornamented by a small bit of lace around the neckline
  • Chemise appears to be silk, but in regards to time and money will be have to be made from linen


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