Punch list

(No, not a list of people/things to punch, but tasks to keep in mind)


  • The chemise appears to be quite simple, with no visible band at the wrist (open sleeve?) and perhaps only ornamented by a small bit of lace around the neckline
  • Chemise appears to be silk, but in regards to time and money will be have to be made from linen


  • Silhouette is smooth, not showing evidence of the bust “shelf” of self-support in “Building the Feminine Silhouette“. ┬áTo be fair, the saint is not nearly as well-endowed as I am, but I may want to explore hemp boning in order to keep the smooth curve
  • The kirtle is not front-laced, so pattern must be made and adjusted for side or side-back lacing. Not a bad thing if I want to try the hemp boning


  • There is no indication of the treatment of the skirt – examine contemporary artwork for options
  • There are no visible gown closures, assumption is side or side-back lacing. I probably do not want to have the lacing of both the kirtle and the gown in the same location
  • Sleeve construction is unclear, so examination of contemporary artwork is in order. First guess is a two-part sleeve

Stabbity thing:

  • Unnecessary for gown construction, but fun at parties!

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