Val Dress: Bodice Update

After drafting the revised bodice pattern, I cut out two layers of linen for each piece and ran channels on my sewing machine for hemp cording. I don’t know if the angled channels on the front of the bodice will do anything in the way of bust support, but I figure that since it’s done in corsets, why not give it a try?

Here you can see the finished corded interlining on top of the original bodice pieces (only one back piece is shown):

As I had to work within the limitations of the existing pieces, I had minimal room for serious pattern changes. I was able to adjust the angle of the shoulder straps and lower the neckline slightly.

If you look closely at the interlining, you can see that the second channel from the center back (right-hand piece) is empty; that is intentional. Once the lining is sewn to the fashion fabric and turned right-side-out, the first channel of hemp should act as a barrier and reinforcement for the lacing holes, which will be added in the space left by the empty channel. Never having done awl-produced lacing holes, I have a feeling the fewer layers I have to fight with, the better.

I am contemplating adding a lining layer to the bodice using the same fabric that lines the skirt. It isn’t necessary, but it would make the inside of a dress look a little more cohesive.

4 days to go.

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