Val Dress: Complete

Well after the fact, here is a photo of the final, modified gown. I managed to not be in any photographs at Terpsichore at the Tower, so I made sure this one was taken at a local demo.
The completed gown

I also found evidence for the use of a turban as Florentine headwear, which is wonderful for camouflaging my bangs. This is my new favorite hairstyle, as it doesn’t involve much effort on my part! I followed the directions from Kat’s Purple Files (which are very detailed and easy to recreate) using a scarf I found at Target. I use three hairpins to secure the completed turban on my head, and it holds up well even for dancing.

This was overall quite a learning experience, but I feel safe to say that I now have a workable pattern. The next step is to make another in appropriate fabric, perhaps a lightweight wool, and add guards as more commonly seen on Florentine portraiture.

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