Val Dress Redux

I realize there are a few sins inherent in the Val Day gown that can’t really be addressed (namely the fabric choice), but rather than consign it to the rag bag or Gold Key, I’ve decided to rework it to be wearable and flattering, if not precisely historically correct. It’s still pretty, and I’m invoking the “creative” part of the SCA.

I’ve spent several evenings tearing the bodice off the skirt, undoing all the connecting seams, and removing the lacing rings I’d sewn to the back center seam. Using the existing bodice pieces and the pattern for the smaller size I’ve decided to cut the bodice to, I’ve drafted a new pattern that takes into account the slight modifications I made to create this version, and also fits into the existing bodice pieces. I’ve also changed the shoulder strap thickness to join more smoothly (a perennial issue with the original pattern) and curved the strap outward just slightly in an attempt to get the bodice to lay more on the outer shoulder.

I’ve cut out lining pieces using the new pattern, and will prep these for hemp boning. Once that is done I will trim down the existing bodice, and then work on putting everything back together.

New deadline? Terpsichore at the Tower.


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