Val Dress Update 1

I may be on target to complete my dress (at least to a wearable point) by this weekend.

The fabric I am using (hooray for stash garments!) is a very light upholstery fabric, so just for fabric integrity I’m flat-lining the whole garment. Unfortunately, that’s even more time avoiding the cats on the floor while cutting out pieces of fabric, but it will make for a much sturdier gown.

Due to a combination of a nasty head cold and felines who just won’t leave me alone, I made a rather nasty pattern layout error that resulted in wasting a *lot* of fabric; however I’ll just end up with a more period gown because I get to piece one of the skirt panels! Yay. This will wait until later in the project, because the cats (especially Miss Desdemona) are drawn to that fabric like moths to flame.

But progress was made last night. The bodice pieces were cut out, serged, and attached to the outer bodice fabric, the bodice lining was serged, and all back pieces were attached to their front panels.

Tonight: attaching bodice and lining to each other.

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