Val Dress Update 2

Another productive evening – I have something resembling a gown hanging from a hook on my closet door!

Last night I was able to fully attach all skirt panels, attach the skirt lining to the outer skirt fabric, and pleat the combined skirt to the bodice. I don’t think I use any real pleating method known to mankind, but it’s attached at fairly regular intervals and (excepting the wider flat area smack-dab in the middle of the front of the skirt) looks acceptable to me.

The bodice is a bit larger than I like, so I am going to fold over the back pieces a bit and insert some fancy zip-tie boning to help with structure. This should allow the bodice to compress my torso just a bit, as well as reinforcing the fabric for the lacing rings. In addition to that small bit of modification I also need to hand-finish the strap lining, tack down the bodice lining inside the skirt, and once the whole thing has hung for a day or two, hem.

After looking over some more period artwork, I may try to salvage a pair of bag sleeves I made for another gown. If I can locate them, they’ll make for less work AND a more accurate ensemble.

I also have a confession to make. The dress isn’t really red. It’s more of a rust color.

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