Val Dress Update 3

Val Day is tomorrow and I’m making progress! This dress just may happen and I *might* still be able to sleep tonight.

  • I have made style-appropriate bag sleeves, fully lined, and just need to hand-sew the wrist layers together and add rings for attachment points to the bodice.
  • I need to tack down the bodice lining to the skirt, but it’s already pinned and just needs to be hand-sewn./li>
  • As the bodice was a bit too large, I folded over the back seam and inserted some zip ties for boning, hand-sewing the resulting channels down.
  • I decided to shorten the straps by 1/2″, so I’ve ripped out the seam (thankfully I hadn’t yet hand-sewn the lining down) and will fix that tonight.
  • I need to find, then add the lacing rings to the back opening (more hand sewing!).
  • And I need to hem.

I think I need to hit the fabric store for some ribbon, but I’m terribly pleased that with that exception, *everything* in this gown is from my stash.

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