Val Dress Update 4

So the dress was complete in time for Val Day; unfortunately I have no photos from that event to prove it.

I do, however, have this one from the Cleftlands annual Fencing Tournament on February 26, just to give the general effect:

Things I like:

  • The silhouette is almost correct.
  • The sleeve shape is lovely and the bows attaching the sleeves look very similar to those seen in period artwork.
  • The colors have a nice coordinating tone.
  • The small train is awesome.

Things I’m not as fond of:

  • The fit is much too loose.
  • The neckline is a tad too high.
  • The fit at the shoulders isn’t as smooth as it should be.
  • Using a brocaded fabric, while pretty, is entirely wrong for this style.
  • The modern bangs, while flattering, are a pain to deal with in terms of early Italian Renaissance hairstyles, especially Florentine.

I am planning on reworking this gown for Terpsichore at the Tower at the end of March. I want to cut down the bodice for a better fit, and change the back closure from lacing rings to buttonholes, as I did on a previous version of this pattern. In addition to cutting down the bodice, I may be able to add a layer of hemp boning as interlining. This fabric is much softer and more lightweight than my previous Florentine gown, and I miss the support the heavier fabric afforded.

Other than that, I’m fairly pleased with the result.

The next version shall be attempted using wool for the body of the gown, and I may try my hand at guards as well.

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